Your Challenge

Every hospital’s challenge is to remain successful, competitive, and financially viable in an environment of physician shortages and decreasing reimbursement along with increasing government regulation. Challenges include:

  • Physician attrition and turnover
  • Competition
  • Changes due to healthcare reform

Specific ED Challenges

Are you satisfied with your current ED staffing in terms of quantity and quality of physicians and timeliness of recruitment?
What impact does your ED team have on patient satisfaction?
Are you satisfied with the level of patient admissions, given the quality of the medical staff and the service the hospital can provide?
Are you satisfied with your ED’s data collection and analysis of key performance metrics?

How EMC Can Help You

EMC works on timely physician team building by:

  • Providing a dedicated EMC Physician Director
  • Collaborating with experienced and qualified physicians
  • Matching physician qualifications and patient needs with hospital priorities
  • Developing a formal retention plan

We don’t just fill schedules; we build working relationships.

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