On Going Physician Management

EMC supports and assists physicians in meeting the needs of the facility and the physician team on an ongoing basis. EMC Physician Directors are fully empowered and responsible for physician scheduling, management, and conflict resolution. EMC addresses negative situations personally and immediately to keep the ED running seamlessly and smoothly.



EMC customizes the credentialing process to meet individual hospital needs. EMC also substancially assists physicians in completing the credentialing process. As a member of the National Association for Medical Staff Services (NAMSS), we pride ourselves on our ability to accurately complete licensure and credentialing paperwork in a timely manner, and delivering a completed application to the hospital. EMC works proactively with the Medical Staff coordinator to maintain and update all physician credentials.


ED Management Consulting

Should you elect not to partner with EMC for a full-service ED solution, you may still take advantage of our extensive experience in quality-focused, cost-effective ED operations. We will be happy to assist you by assessing your Emergency Department’s current status, performing a gap analysis, presenting a written report of findings and recommendations and developing and implementing an action plan on a consulting basis.

Scope of Services

EMC offers the following professional services to its clients:

  • Sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, credentialing, scheduling, and managing of ED physicians and mid-level providers
  • Engaging highly qualified ED Physician Directors
  • Measuring and Managing ED metrics
    • Patient wait times and turn-around times, triage process, LWBS, AMAs
    • Physician productivity, quality of care, and CQI
  • Providing physician incentive plans
  • Performing monthly documentation reviews
  • Conducting behavioral interviews of all physician candidates
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